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Gate Kit
  • Gate Kit
  • This kit is not a gate. It includes the following items to construct either a vertical or horizontal gate on site: 6 - L brackets to construct a gate frame our of 2 x 4 wood. 1 - Thumb Latch that can be locked from the inside and accessed from both sides. 1 - Pair of adjustable gate hinges. 1 - Roll of 1.5" black rubber strapping to emulate the stringers in a vertical system or the channels in a horizontal system. 1 - pack of 100 wood screws to attach rubber strapping to wood as seen in video. 1 - pack of 100 stainless wood screws to attach fence boards or deck boards to gate frame
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4"x 4" x 10'4" Post
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  • Vertical Fence
  • The Slipfence Vertical Fence System combines Aluminum posts and stringers with regular wood Fence boards.

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  • Horizontal Fence
  • The Slipfence HORIZONTAL Fence System combines Aluminum posts and Channels with regular wood DECK boards.

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  • Traditional Fence
  • The Slipfence Traditional Fence System combines Aluminum posts with 2x4 rails and regular wood fence boards.

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  • Gate Kits
  • The Slipfence Gate Kit provides all the necessary hardware to make a gate for either the Vertical and Horizontal Slipfence.

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